The Kingdom as a radical message

Columban - Fr Noel Connolly - The Kingdom as a radical message  

'The Kingdom as a radical message' is the third in a series of video reflections presented by Columban Fr Noel Connolly.

Jesus didn’t come to found a new religion or to be a moral example. His message was much more radical than that. He announced a movement to recreate the world. Jesus was very conscious of the power of evil but he could also see the power of good breaking through so he preached that the Kingdom of God was at hand. With his death and resurrection the Kingdom was won but it was not fully achieved that would only come in the fullness of time. But we are living in a New Creation and the Kingdom is our goal and inspiration. It is a vision worth living and dying for.

Video filmed by Matthew Howard (Communications Officer, Redemptorists, Australia and New Zealand).