Bridges - December 2017

The contents of Bridges 77, December 2017:

  • The Editorial invites all to live by faith, not fear, p. 1.
  • News from the Centre tells how staff promote interfaith relations, p. 2.
  • News from the World tells about protection, peace and respect in different situations, p. 3.
  • Ten Ways to Fight Hate is a practical community resource guide, pp. 4-5.
  • A Common Word reflects on the 10th anniversary of this Muslim outreach to Christians, p. 6.
  • Walk on Earth Gently is a multi-faith invitation to sustainable lifestyles, p. 7.
  • What’s Coming Up names faith celebrations in the coming weeks, p. 8.

We’ve Moved!  The Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations has moved to a new office in the Institute for Mission, 1-5 Marion Road, Blacktown NSW 2148.  We look forward to continuing old friendships, building new ones, and contributing to better relations between Christians and Muslims in the Diocese of Parramatta and in western Sydney.  Please stay in touch through

  • To Muslims who celebrated Mawlid al-Nabi (the birth of the Prophet) on 29 November, we hope you had a happy feast!
  • To Christians who will celebrate Christmas (the birth of Jesus Christ) on 25 December (and 7 January), we wish you a happy feast!
  • To all our readers we wish every blessing throughout the coming new year, 2018


Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Director, Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations

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