Bridges - June 2017

This Diamond Anniversary issue of Bridges is about choosing friendship.

Nearly 800 years ago St Francis of Assisi crossed the no-man’s land between warring armies and befriended the Sultan of Egypt, Malik al-Kamil. (page 4)

We are proud to co-host the Australian premiere of The Sultan and the Saint, a new docudrama which recounts this historic encounter. (see insert) 

In our times too, so often punctuated by violence, Christians and Muslims need to reach out to each other and forge friendship. (page 3)

Pope Francis, following the footsteps of his namesake, spoke words of peace at a conference in al-Azhar University. (pages 6-7)

The shared values of respect, equality and freedom enunciated in Multicultural Australia enable friendship. (page 5)

In all our activities (page 2) and coming events (page 8 and insert), we too promote friendship between Christians and Muslims.

In the past month of Ramadan we have enjoyed Muslim hospitality at iftar meals. 

We take this opportunity to wish our Muslim readers عيد مبارك‎‎  (Eid Mubarik = Blessed Feast Day).  


  • Page 1: New Staff at the Centre: Welcome to Matthew and Jane 
  • Page 2: News from the Centre: Highlights from our recent activities 
  • Page 3: Editorial: Choosing Friendship 
  • Pages 4: The Sultan and the Saint: A film about Christian-Muslim peace 
  • Page 5: Multicultural Australia: United Strong, Successful: excerpts from government’s new policy statement 
  • Pages 6-7: Pope Francis at Peace Conference in Egypt 
  • Page 8: Coming Events: highlights major feasts in the coming months 


  • The Sultan and the Saint, Australian premiere, 29/07/17 
  • The Abraham Conference, 16/07/17
  • Youth PoWR (Parliament of the World’s Religions), 20/08/17


Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Coordinator, Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations
Columban Mission Institute

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