Bridges - March 2017

This issue of Bridges deals with truth.

Very relevant to our present times, Pope Paul VI wrote prophetically in 1964:

“our earnest resolve [is] to make of divine truth an argument for union, understanding, and harmony among people and not a reason for dividing them in sterile discussions and regrettable rivalries.” (Ecclesiam Suam, #32).

Truth unites! Lies divide! In these challenging times, let us defend truth for the sake of preserving community harmony.

In all religions, God is named “Truth”.  Let us also defend truth for the sake of preserving God’s word that is spoken variously in our different religions so that we might enrich and be enriched by each other.

As a Christian, one of my favourite theological quotes is:  “In the last analysis truth is not a thing we possess, but a person by whom we must allow ourselves to be possessed.” (Dialogue & Proclamation,  #49)  Let Christians then defend truth so as to honour Christ, whom we confess to be “the way, the truth and the life”. (Jn 14:6)


  • Page 1: From the Editor: Truth in an Age of 'Fake News'
  • Page 2: News from the Centre highlights from our recent activities.
  • Page 3: News from the World highlights interfaith solidarity in other countries.
  • Pages 4-5: "Walking alongside Muslims," Fr Brian Vale speaks about overcoming the divisiveness of "us" and "them".
  • Page 6: Statement of Defense of All Faiths, US Bishops on solidarity with refugees of all faiths.
  • Page 7: "I am Not a Moderate Muslim," Shireen Younus on the slight to Islam that this title implies.
  • Page 8: Coming Events, highlights major feasts in the coming months.


  • Increasing Islamaphobia, Steff Fenton
  • Countering Islamaphobia, Patrick McInerney


Rev Dr Patrick McInerney
Coordinator, Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations
Columban Mission Institute

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