What is Warmi Huasi?

Warmi Huasi is the name that was given to the womens' centre in Huaycan, Peru which was opened by Columban Sister Mary Neylon in 1997. In the ancient language of Peru (Quechua) "warmi" means woman and "huasi" means house.

The primary purpose of this centre is to improve women's self esteem. Courses and workshops are offered in leadership, empowerment and cultural appreciation.

Warmi Huasi is an NGO (non-governmental organisation) based in the districts of San Martin de Porres and Carabayllo, north side of Lima, Peru.

Columban - Warmi Huasi - The Woman's House  

Warmi Huasi focuses on poorer communities where opportunities are limited. It works to improve the health and education of all and works specifically with women and their children promoting values of respect and equality and encouraging leadership and solidarity as a contribution to the social development of the communities.

The Warmi Huasi team includes Columban missionary Fr Ed O'Connell, parish priest of Our Lady of the Missions and co-ordinates the work of Warmi Huasi.

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