E-News - Vol. 4 No. 9

From the Director - On the road to Portumna
The reason why this story appeals to me is because I am about to take a radical turn. This is my last Director’s Column. (more)
What do we mean by mission?
Modern training methods for missionaries make them aware of how culture-bound their own view of Christianity is. (more)
For too long have we ignored you?
He has successfully challenged the accepted wisdom of keeping “them” hidden; he has made “them” visible. (more)
Apologies to an unbeliever
I was astonished by his comment as he is not even a Christian. I wondered if Merton was not perfectly right in his remarks about unbelievers. (more)
Pakistan flood devastation again
Roughly 660,000 people are living in refugee camps in the wake of high waters in southern Pakistan. (more)
Reflection - Belonging to a celebrating community
So it seems to me that Anderson is on to something when he suggests that all the members of the Christian community (not just the “priest”) need to be able to identify themselves as “celebrants”. (more)
Mission Alive - School resource for Mission Month
Mission Alive is a free 14 page web based resource for upper primary school students to assist in understanding the missionary dimension of the Church - both locally and globally.

2012 Columban Calendar
2012 marks the 90th edition of the Columban Calendar which is well known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information.