E-News - Vol.5 No.10

From the Director - The company of Saints
As the Church is wracked by sinfulness and hypocrisy, other people are examples of holiness and honesty. (more)
What is mission?
These days I lecture in mission theology and most students believe that mission is primarily about “saving souls” and the growth of the Church in foreign lands. Yet important as both those things are mission is more than that. (more)
It was time to open the windows
Pope John XXIII had said it was time to open the windows of the Church to let in some fresh air. The Church needed to learn how to engage with the modern world and not exist apart.(more)
Fr Brian Gore writes...
The Philippines grows 85% of world production, which is mostly exported for ropes. Our project will be value added as the raw material will be made into various made into various products, both for local and export markets. (more)
Missionary man
On the phone he hears the Sister's driver has been shot. "When did this happen?" asks the journalist. "Now", says Fr McCulloch. "It's happening now." (more)
Reflection -  I want to know what love is
The dead will rise and everything in our lives will be brought out into the open and laid bare. The deepest truth of our lives will become apparent.(more)
Christmas Appeal - 2012
As Christmas approaches our thoughts turn to the Madonna and Child. (more)
Registrations for the 'Islam: History, Theology and Culture' course are now open. This online program, commencing March 2013, examines the theological, socio-political history of Islam and the emergence of the Qur'an and Hadith. (more)
Join Columban Fr Patrick McInerney in January 2013 and discover Islam's people, faith and history. 'Introducing Islam' is an in-depth introductory course to Islam. Registrations are now open.(more)

While fingers may be pointed at Philippine military it is more likely that the hired killer that parked his motor bike outside the house of father Pops on the morning of October 17, walked up to him and shot him point blank as he was getting into his car, had the mark of an experienced trained assassin.