E-News - Vol.5 No.3

From the Director - Electric moment
The Easter liturgical season lasts for 50 days - from Easter to Pentecost. The ‘electric moment’ we celebrate during this time is that God did not abandon Jesus but exalted Him to a new life. (more)
Doing it my way
With help from benefactors in Australia, New Zealand and the United States Father Don Hornsey has developed facilities in the parish centre of Combapata, Peru, to cater for eighty men and women. (more)
The mangoes that saved a village
In the Philippines a survey showed that one in every four people experience hunger - that is 4.5 million people going hungry during the last quarter of 2011. This is the result of twenty years of corruption and neglect of the poor. (more)
Address given by Fr Robert McCulloch
He was born in a Catholic hospital in Hyderabad in southern Pakistan, St Elizabeth Hospital, and I was for many years the chairman of the Administrative Council of this hospital. So, Your Excellency, we both have deep Sindhi connections: "the best road is the one that runs from one heart to another." (more)
Life is not quite like that
After Mass Clotilde complimented me on the sermon and then added that life is not quite like what I had said or implied. She went on to tell me about her life. For a long time after that I shied away from talking about love in my sermons. (more)
Reflection - Les Misérables
I find myself thinking about connections between the weather, depression and the musical "Les Misérables". Many people talk about the effect weather has on our spirits and in particular how bad weather can leave people feeling depressed. (more)
Jubilee Sunday in Australia - 20th May, 2012
Resources to help you reflect on how we live the spirit of the Jubilee Law in a modern world. (more)

While fingers may be pointed at Philippine military it is more likely that the hired killer that parked his motor bike outside the house of father Pops on the morning of October 17, walked up to him and shot him point blank as he was getting into his car, had the mark of an experienced trained assassin.