E-News - Vol.5 No.5


From the Director - There are heroes among us
Life is full of heroism and I am reminded not only of the Columbans but of the unsung heroes that we know in our lives. (more)
What about the parents?
Many of us have read stories, including vocation stories, about and by missionaries and have been inspired by them. We don't hear quite as often from the parents of missionaries. (more)
Compelled to write
I found the tone of the 'Dirty Money' article upsetting and the conclusion drawn inaccurate. I am quite sure there are rogue mining companies that do follow unscrupulous practices, but what sphere of human activity is without bad apples? (more)
Cattle have right of way
My trips in and out of Pakistan seldom coincide with the cattle drive but in August 2011, I spent four hours on the first half of the journey mostly in second gear because of the sheer volume of cattle migrating. (more)
Fr Frank O'Loughlin reviews Making the Sign of the Cross
Teaching children to make the Sign of the Cross is an important element in handing on the faith to the next generation. (more)
“Family in the three Abrahamic Faiths”
The family unit has been a topic of debate in recent times. Families themselves are under more pressure than ever before. How are parents as a role model, an inheritor and champion of values able to find a way to relay principles of "family" to their children? (more)
Reflection - Eucharist and community
When the congregation contains some poor people, but the majority are middle-class and some few who might be considered "well-off", it is too easy to lose our sense of a sharing, open community. (more)
Registrations for the 'Religions and Cultures in Conversation' online study program are now open. Course commences online Monday 23rd July, 2012. (more)
Join lecturer, Fr Noel Connolly at the Columban Mission Institute (CMI) in Sydney and discover how the understanding and practice of mission has evolved. Registrations are now open until June 15th.(more)

While fingers may be pointed at Philippine military it is more likely that the hired killer that parked his motor bike outside the house of father Pops on the morning of October 17, walked up to him and shot him point blank as he was getting into his car, had the mark of an experienced trained assassin.