E-News - Vol.5 No.6

From the Director - Our human face
One of our aims for all Columban publications has always been to publish stories about people in cultures other than our own and to put a human face to them even as missionary attitudes changed through the years. (more)
A monk swimming
I have had little experience living among Buddhists - most of my interreligious experience has been living among Muslims in Pakistan - so the five days in Bangkok was a new world for me. (more)
The man, the priest, the missionary
In 1953, Fr Philip Crosbie and Bishop Quinlan were released through Moscow. Until then they had been presumed dead. Upon his return to Australia, Fr Philip wrote of his extraordinary experiences as a prisoner. (more)
John Doherty
The Far East goes audio
Supporting people with vision impairment is close to Villa Maria’s heart. The organisation was founded as the Catholic Braille Writers' Association in 1907 by Louisa Fawkner a partially blind early colonist of Melbourne who worked tirelessly to have Catholic literature transcribed into Braille. (more)
You are not a bossy priest
I have seen so much drug related violence and killing and yet families seem to be so resilient. It’s as if they grieve ‘on the run’. They quickly get back into life with a dogged determination. (more)
Reflection - The path is made by walking
Each day, life silently poses questions to us about our path: “Who are you exactly?” "What is important to you?" "Who is most dear to you?" "What do you believe in?"(more)