E-News - Vol.5 No.7

From the Director - To break trust is a serious issue
To break trust is a serious issue in the life of the Church and the mistrust that follows takes time and effort to counter; we are experiencing this in the life of the Church at present. (more)
Columban Fr Michael Sinnott, kidnapped in 2009, retiring to Ireland
"It has been a privilege to serve the people of the Philippines. I have learnt a lot more from them more than I gave, especially from the ordinary people for their goodness and their faith." (more)
On his way home
The sign of Fr Joe racing along on his trusty red motorbike at high speeds over the rough unmade roads going from one community to another is part of the folklore of the Huandoy Parish in Peru. (more)
Columbans are open for business
One of the great blessings of priestly ministry is the privilege of participating with people in their everyday lives, in their struggles and difficulties and in their achievements and happier moments.(more)
Columbans lament Subanen murders
"These killings have shocked local people and Columban priests and sisters who work with the Subanens. There is a slide towards the rule of law being abandoned in the countryside," says Columban Fr Frank Nally.(more)
Reflection - Back to normal?
I get the impression these days that there are some who see Vatican II as the disruption and they are longing to get back to how things used to be before it happened. (more)
'The Far East' magazine goes audio

LISTEN TO: 'The Far East' - August audio podcast. (more)

While fingers may be pointed at Philippine military it is more likely that the hired killer that parked his motor bike outside the house of father Pops on the morning of October 17, walked up to him and shot him point blank as he was getting into his car, had the mark of an experienced trained assassin.