E-News - Vol.9 No.1

From the Director - Violence ‘up, close, and personal’
Pope Francis hit the nail on the head when he said that “everything is interconnected, we can do much more when we work together”. (more)
Columban staff member fears for family in Fiji
When Tropical Cyclone Winston made landfall, families in its direct path hid in cupboards and under mattresses, even crawled under their houses, praying and crying as the storm ripped off roofs, flooded the houses, smashed down walls and ripped shutters off the windows. (more)
Fr Reg on retirement
“What does a semi-retired Catholic priest do?” While it was easy for me to answer as I saw it in myself, it did stir up some reflections about how I was finding my semi-retirement and what I would like it to be. (more)
Ocean and Theology Symposium
"Reflecting on the Ocean and Theology is not only a new understanding within the world of mission, but is also breaking new ground in the theological and broader academic world..." (more)
Reflection - Pope Francis - Lent is a favourable time for conversion
The poor have a special place at the heart of the Gospel, he warns of the “blindness” and of the “illusion of omnipotence” which often afflicts the rich and powerful who close their hearts to the poor and end up themselves, he says, being the poorest of the poor. (more)
2016 Columban Art Calendar - IT'S NOT TOO LATE
It's not too late to order your 2016 Columban Art Calendar featuring Feast Days, Liturgical Seasons, School Holidays and beautiful Works of Religious Art. A free online Art Guide video is also now available which offers an indepth explanation of each painting featured. (more)