E-News - Vol.9 No.11

From the Director -  Christmas Message 2016
"It will be Christmas soon and whether poor or rich, we will celebrate the presence of Jesus among us." I wish you a blessed and a happy Christmas. (watch/listen)
Beauty, wonder and awe this Advent
She said she was hoping to take three or four weeks this Christmas but she wanted one of them to be before Christmas because she has a young son and she appreciates that much of his excitement comes in the week before Christmas. (more)
Cunnamulla Connecting – snakes, wild dogs, dingoes and funerals
Now the heat is here and the greenness is disappearing, so once again it is blue sky, red sand and yellow grass and dry cracked earth which is quite disappointing. It was 50 degrees inside a parked car yesterday in the heat of the day.  (more)
Thank you for listening
People come from the parks, the streets, shop doors, bus shelters or the hostels provided for the homeless. No one likes to stay too long in the hostels as they aren’t safe. (more)
Reflection - Can You Spot Yourself at the Manger?
Like the innkeeper, have we needed to shut the door, overcome by the amount of need out there? Or have we shunted new initiatives into some back room, only to have them blossom without any real effort from ourselves? (more)
 Christmas Appeal - 2016  2016 Christmas Appeal
“The poor do not need our compassion or our pity; they need our help.” - St. Teresa of Calcutta. I ask you to support the Christmas Appeal so that, those living on the margins of life in countries where Columbans work, can face the future with hope and optimism. (more)