E-News - Vol.9 No.2

From the Director - Easter message 2016
This Easter Fr Gary Walker speaks about the European countries building walls against refugees. He touches on the meaning of Easter, highlighting the resurrection of Jesus and how He teaches us that life conquers death. Have a surprising Easter. (more)
Cardinal Pell, the Royal Commission and the Year of Mercy
Recently I watched sections of the Royal Commission’s questioning of Cardinal Pell from Rome. It was a painful event no matter whose point of view you tried to take. (more)
How do you rebuild a whole village?
They all fled there, huddled together in the wind and rain until it was over about three-four hours and survived. Thank God it happened during the day when people could see where they were going. Had it been night they would all have died. (more)
Sr Miriam’s ministry with prostitutes
If I were to describe my 12 years ministering to prostitutes, I would have to say I felt truly powerless on the one hand and deeply aware of God’s presence on the other. (more)
Reflection - By His dying we are reborn
We are disciples, missionaries, ambassadors, servants, called to go forth and proclaim the Good News of God’s saving love to all. (more)
What is the golden rule What is The Golden Rule
Pope Francis said: “The Golden Rule points us in a clear direction: Let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treated..." Washington Times - Thursday, September 24, 2015. (more)