E-News - Vol.9 No.3

From the Director - After Easter
Nothing has changed today. There are those who admire the works of the Church but do not want to belong to it. (more)
Pope Francis - Why do we need to have the "smell of the sheep"
Pope Francis invites us to draw close to and know the names and faces of the poor. But I find that “the poor” embarrass and unsettle me. (more)
Grown up and still traumatised Grown up and still traumatised
In fact in our meeting room there was a large banner of a tree with over 400 leaves and each leaf represented a person who had been killed in the local area due to the conflict. (more)
Nonviolence and Just Peace Conference - Vatican
My father was in World War II and his uncle died in World War I. Just thinking about the effects of violent war on the families today in war torn places like Syria makes me ache in empathy. We must insist, “War never again!” It is never the solution. (more)
Reflection - I'll google it Reflection - I'll Google it
“I’ll Google it,” is the frequent response to someone looking for some forgotten, or unknown, fact or statistic. And how speedily does the answer come!  (more)
Reflections on mission booklet New Reflections on mission booklet - Fr Noel Connolly SSC
‘I have enjoyed being a missionary. I feel it has been a great expansion of my humanity. I have lived and worked in Korea, Italy, Ireland and Australia. I have friends in many countries and although I often miss them I have learnt so much from them...'  (more)