E-News - Vol.9 No.8

From the Director - Is it time for the Church to try another way?
Change will not negate the need for military defence but the Church especially needs to explore the nonviolent resistance way.  (more)
Fr Noel Connolly - A great welcome for ourselves Would I have liked Jesus?
The religious people of Jesus’ day were not impressed with him. Right up till the cross they were asking him to work a God-sized miracle to prove he was God. (more)
Social Justice in an ageing society

Social justice in an ageing society
Address by Sr Patty Fawkner SGS at the launch of ‘A Place at the Table: Social justice in an ageing society’, the ACBC Social Justice Statement, 6 September, 2016. A longer than usual article but I’m sure you will agree that it was just too good to cut.  (more)

Little to fear and much to admire

Little to fear and much to admire
We shared our compartment for a total of about five hours with a young couple and their three young children. They were from Saudi Arabia and Muslim, with mum attired in a hijab. (more)

Pope Francis - World Youth Day 2016- Poland Reflection - Pilgrimage: opening ourselves to a new energy
The greatest awakening of my World Youth Day pilgrimage took place when I got back home.  I was challenged to grapple with what mercy looks like when life is ordinary again, and what “leaving a mark” looks like when that comfortable sofa is so enticing. (more)
2017 Columban Art Calendar - Catholic 2017 Columban Art Calendar - ORDER NOW
The 2017 Columban Calendar with Art Guide DVD is now on sale. The Calendar and DVD is an ideal Christmas Gift. Explore the 2017 Art Guide video. (more)