E-News - Vol. 10 No. 11


From the Director - Christmas message

Christmas message from Fr Brian Vale SSC, Regional Director, St Columbans Mission Society, Australia and New Zealand.
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Gearing up for the historic 2020 Plenary Council

Because this is meant to be an open consultation where “everything is on the table”... But one thing is clear, whatever legislation is required…
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Promoting foreign mission in an ‘age of diminishment’

“I always say to people, ‘Just be thankful for the life you have here. Live in peace and don’t be pressured by all those other forces challenging…
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Reflection - Christmas joy and tinges of sadness

But 'God will wipe away all tears' one day, and bid us up with Him, our gracious Lord; Safe in his care, we'll rest, all grief away, our lives,…
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Travel to China with Columbans in 2018

Visit the Columban headquarters in Hong Kong. Travel to historical sites in Wuhan, Shanghai and Beijing and meet Columban Priests, Sisters and…
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2017 Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, Columban Fr Vincent (Vinnie) Busch asks for peace and the release of relatives of Subanen crafters who were kidnapped by the…
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