E-News - Vol.10 No.1

From the Director -  Lord to whom shall we go?
While everyone is happy to be home and united with family and friends, there is often a relief when visits come to an end. As the Latin phrase says, ‘Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis’  ‘Times change and we change with them’.  (more)
What do you want me to do for you?
During retreats I like to imagine myself looking into Jesus eyes and him asking me, “Noel, what do you want me to do for you?” I believe if I knew the answer I would be free, happy, holy and wholesome. (more)
Fr Kevin Mullins and the Evangelical Pastor
The Catholic Church is routinely condemned by Evangelical Ministers and generally blamed for all manner of ills and accused of being ‘The Beast of Rome' along with other even less flattering criticisms!  (more)
Chinese make better robots than the U.S.
There is another unpalatable twist in this story, given the patriotic rhetoric of President Trump’s inaugural address, calling on Americans to buy U.S. goods and employ U.S. citizens. The majority of robots in use in U.S. factories are made in China.  (more)
Reflection - “God’s Mercy will always be greater than any sin”
For people who are spending months, years and some even life, in prison, it is a concept that is very difficult to understand. (more)
 The Grace of Earth - Lenten Reflections The Grace of Earth - Lenten Resource - Year A
The Grace of Earth consists of six weekly Lenten Reflections related to the Gospel readings which focus on six aspects of Earth's life support systems: Atmosphere, Oceans, Fresh Water, Land, Plant Life, Animal Life. (more)