E-News - Vol.10 No.4



From the Director - Never give up, never give in

“I am with you”. In the tough times when we feel the absence of God, we have to remember that Jesus knew hard times himself. We have to hold…
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Everyone can be an artisan of peace

A world grown weary of war struggles to find an effective way to stop the violence and to bring peace. Pope Francis is not naïve to the challenges…
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Houses of horrors

They saw children lying and sleeping on concrete floors. Most centres were lacking beds, sleeping mats and mosquito nets. Food was eaten sitting…
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It’s all good news

Fr Robert McCulloch said this was ‘indeed a good news story’ and an inspiring story about people of different faiths living and working professionally…
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Reflection - “What do you want me to do for you”

How will you answer this question? What is it that you really and truly want above all else? Go deep into your heart, beyond the chatter of the…
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2017 Mid-Year Appeal

Columban Parish of Corpus Christi, Mexico has become a safe haven from the madness of the cartel war.
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