E-News - Vol.10 No.5



From the Director - Change at the helm for The Far East

Fr Dan has finished his ‘tour of duty’ and is returning to Chile. We wish Dan well and thank him for his hard work, his dedication to the priesthood…
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A humble but confident Pope calling for a humble but confident church

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Humility is essentially a relational and other-centred virtue.
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Returning to mission in Chile

I look forward to participating in parish ministries that reach out to drug addicts, alcoholics, gang members, the unemployed, the aged poor,…
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If martial law’s the answer what’s the question?

If as Fr Glynn suggests, the bottom line question in Mindanao is to heal the mistrust between the Muslim and Christian populations, a task he…
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Reflection - The Holy Spirit as a godparent

The term ‘godparent’ reminds us that what makes this relationship special is the fact that it is grounded in faith. A godparent assumes the privilege…
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2017 Mid-Year Appeal

Columban Parish of Corpus Christi, Mexico has become a safe haven from the madness of the cartel war.
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