eBulletin - Vol 11 No. 10


From the Director

As we begin the new liturgical year with Advent, we can look at both Advent and Christmas through a lens of desire. Our Christian tradition teaches…
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The Kingdom Within

People who have not been encouraged to speak up for decades, will probably speak clumsily, angrily or shallowly the first time around. It is…
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A tale of three missionaries

They were different people and times but all went to the Philippines and faced the same challenges, issues and obstacles
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Pilgrimage to China: Celebrating 100 years of Mission

Ray Lowe reflects about the recent trip to China with a party of 27 pilgrims (including guides and tour leaders). The trip was organised by the…
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Reflection - With Mary in Advent

Mary is the epitome of the lowly, the marginalised, for whom “there is no room at the inn”.
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2018 Christmas Appeal

“They will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will the desert heat or the sun beat down on them. He who has compassion on them will guide them and…
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2022 Columban Art Calendar

2022 Columban Art Calendar

Code : 140



The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information and is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries. 2022 marks the 100th edition.

Calendar Dimensions: 220mm (W) x 320mm (H)

This edition features:

  • A new design that includes more space on the date pad.
  • Inclusion of Peace, Ecology and Justice dates.
  • QR codes for easy access to purchase the Columban Art Calendar, products and resources that support Columban Mission.
  • A new colour code to highlight Solemnities, Feasts and Memorials.
  • FREE online art guide resource - Visio Divina.

1 Calendar $10.00 Special Offer: Buy more than one Calendar and pay $8.00 for each additional. Price exc P&H

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