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2021 Columban Christmas Appeal

The smiles on people’s faces as lockdowns and restrictions are lifted indicate how much we have struggled with the Covid-19 pandemic here in Australia.

Video Thumbnail Photo: Fariyad Inayat, a member of the Mobile Medical Outreach of St Elizabeth Hospital Hyderabad, with Hindu women and children at a settlement of 85 new homes built at Jhirruk by the Bethlehem Shelter Society which was established by Columban Fr Robert McCulloch.

Stories and reports from Columban missionaries in countries like Peru, Chile, Myanmar, Pakistan, Fiji and the Philippines speak of much greater struggles endured by the people there. At the same time, we have been inspired by the efforts made by many people in those countries to work together and come up with projects to support the most destitute among them. A number of these efforts have involved the preparation and distribution of meals for people who otherwise would have starved.

At Christmas time, we join with family and friends to celebrate and give thanks for the gift of God becoming one of us as a fragile child, vulnerable to illness and to all the tragedies that can happen to us in our world. God does not abandon us but comes closer to us in all our needs and fragilities.

Again, we invite you to join our missionary task of witnessing the love and closeness of our saving God in this Christmas season.

Thank you again for your support and generosity. May you, your family and friends be blessed with God’s joy, peace and care.

I ask you to use the below options to support the Columban Christmas Appeal.

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May God bless you and those close to you,

Fr Peter O'Neill Singature

Fr Peter O’Neill
Columban Leader in Australia

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