eBulletin - Vol 11 No. 2


From the Director - Being present to others

It is clear to me why refugees and recent arrivals from overseas value the solidarity that they enjoy when they gather with their own ethnic…
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"The biggest crisis in our history"

This is also a key goal of the Plenary Council 2020. To learn how to become a synodal church where mission, ministry, leadership and decision…
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Goodbye to the editor’s desk

Many years ago, I read some pastoral advice from a rabbi saying, “If there is a funeral on in town, be there; if a circus comes to town, go;…
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Benefactors tell us their Columban Story

In the lead up to our centenary celebrations we invited our supporters to share their ‘Columban Story’ with us. We have been overwhelmed with…
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Reflection – The Last Supper

Before we leave on a journey, move house or migrate abroad many of us like to gather with family and friends. We give them a parting gift, something…
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Centenary Merchandising - Columban socks

Support Columban Mission buy buying a pair of our Centenary Socks with the words "Walk in the footsteps of St Columban" printed on the bottom.
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