eBulletin - Vol 11 No. 3


From the Director - Post Resurrection experiences

The front cover of Fr. Schreiter’s book features the painting by Piero della Francesca of Jesus rising from the dead. Jesus looks a little dazed…
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Have we too much in our heads to hear the Holy Spirit?

The early Christians could not rely on the past and they didn’t have clear instructions from Jesus. They didn’t even have Paul’s Epistles or…
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“I am chained”

As a birthday gift, Mary (not her real name) was promised to the son of her employer who drugged and abused her for many years. She was imprisoned…
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Benefactors tell us their Columban Story

The Far East, also at school. Each month, when it came Sister would read ‘Mickie Daly’s Diary’ whose spelling was very bad.
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Reflection - The devil is in the detail

We are then told in the text that the fish caught that morning numbered 153. Did someone actually count them? A man had been raised to life,…
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