eBulletin - Vol 11 No. 1


From the Director - The biggest changes are ahead of us

The “new processes” of mission today demand a more measured, more honest and transparent living out of the missionary charism. The Word of God…
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Preparing for the Plenary Council 2020

Pope Francis is convinced that it is by listening to one another that we listen to God and that “open and fraternal debate makes theological…
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Columban off to Commonwealth Games

In the heart of the village a multi-faith centre is the religious hub where Fr Kinne will celebrate Mass, sharing the facility with other faith…
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Back in his beloved Chile

The parish is spread over a large mostly poor working class area. It has seven chapels that serve their local neighbourhoods. Like others areas…
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The Columban and the Diocesan priest

Had Fr McGlynn not exercised the pastoral role in my formative years that he did, I might never be looking back so happily today on my 60 years…
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Reflection - The scandal of grace

In Rembrandt's painting, the elder brother (out of view in this image) stands with his back to his father. You see his anger, even rage, in his…
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Travel to China with Columbans in 2018

Visit the Columban headquarters in Hong Kong. Travel to historical sites in Wuhan, Shanghai and Beijing and meet Columban Priests, Sisters and…
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