eBulletin - Vol 13 No. 11


Columban Christmas Messages 2020

The leaders of Columban Oceania Region share their Christmas messages to benefactors, family and friends.

A joyful, hope-filled & servant Community?

Columban Fr Warren Kinne writes in response to one of the six National Themes for Discernment of the Plenary Council - "How is God calling us…
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Cheap Christmas

Sixty percent of all the world’s Christmas decorations are made in what has been dubbed the Chinese Christmas Village, as are 90 percent of all…
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Encountering God on the street

Though at times they could hardly have a meal for a day, there is someone who gave them something to eat. He became emotional as he was sharing…
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2022 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal to assist with our missionary work in many countries across our world where people suffer from war, hunger, and desperate living conditions.