eBulletin - Vol 13 No. 9


From the Director - The meeting of the Holy Trinity

We Columbans believe that our Society was called into being by the Trinity and that each of us was also so called. God has worked in the hearts…
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Prayerful & Eucharistic?

In response to the discernment paper of the Plenary Council - How is God calling us to be a Christ-centred Church that is prayerful and Eucharistic?…
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The effects of Corona - the virus not the beer!

While society seemed to continue on as normal in many ways, the Churches seemed to have lost their role in society. The Churches provide space…
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Reflection - The controversy of Mickie Daly

From New Zealand, Columban Fr Pat O’Shea writes a reflection on the controversy of Mickie Daly. This is a fascinating read that demonstrates…
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The Far East magazine celebrating 100 years

Readers of The Far East witness the milestone of the magazine in interviews with Columban Fr. Jim Mulroney
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2021 Columban Catholic Art Calendar

The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information and is…
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2022 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal to assist with our missionary work in many countries across our world where people suffer from war, hunger, and desperate living conditions.