eBulletin - Vol 14 No. 6


Start Small

So often, we have the same reaction when people talk about us being missionaries. We think we have to do something big. The idea paralyses us.…
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Migration - A heart open to the whole world

Columban Fr Warren Kinne offers some reflection on the fourth chapter of the Encyclical Letter, Fratelli Tutti of the Holy Father Francis on…
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NAIDOC Week 4-11th July 2021 Heal Country

NATSICC invite all Australians to come together and 'be united in a fight to save God's creation. It is one we cannot fight alone. We must combine…
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The Faith of Mrs Kim - Outreach to the elderly in South Korea

Mr and Mrs Kim were devout Buddhists, but Tae Gyu had no interest in any religion. When his mother told me about his illness, I began visiting…
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Pope Francis’ 2014 flight over China

Chinese people often emphasize that their culture has a written history of over 5,000 years, acknowledging that, in spite of challenges along…
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2022 Columban Art Calendar - PRE-ORDER

The Columban Art Calendar is an iconic Catholic Calendar, well-known for its traditional religious paintings and liturgical information
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2023 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

Support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal so that we can maintain our migrant apostolates, our parishes, and other forms of ministry across the many countries we work in. It is always a delight to help people in real need.