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From the Regional Director of Oceania

Fr Trevor Trotter Regional Director of Oceania

The other day we had a celebration for Peru’s Independence Day. There are three priests here in Essendon who have lived and worked in Peru. Having shared the struggles of the people there, they decided that they would like to celebrate the occasion with a special Mass. It was joyful but also sad. Many people in Lima are affected by the pandemic. The numbers are terrible, and this is on top of major political challenges. What was evident to me was the compassion of these priests. Even though they are home here in Australia, they are very aware of the suffering of the people they have come to know in Peru.  

Memories of when I first arrived back home after being in the Philippines came to mind. Having seen the poverty of the people and how they struggled to survive, I wanted to share their stories with people here in Australia. Many were touched. Their hearts went out to the people, and they wanted to do something. I was often asked, “What can we do?” “Something should be done.” I did not have a ready answer. How can compassion move to action?  

What could I say? The only satisfactory answer I came up with was: “Get to know poor people and let your heart do the rest.” If you are an economist, then your compassionate heart will find a way to use your expertise. If you are a politician, or an activist, or a philanthropist or a seminarian, your compassion will help you find a way to help not only poor folks in the Philippines but also those in Australia or New Zealand, or indeed anywhere around the world.

Being made in the image of God, who is full of compassion, it is not surprising that our hearts naturally reach out to those in need. Action will follow. The Spirit will lead us just as Jesus was led.

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Fr Trevor Trotter
Regional Director of Oceania

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