Interfaith eBulletin - October 2021


Interfaith eBulletin - October 2021

Interfaith eBulletin - October 2021 - a special Columban e-Bulletin focusing on Interfaith Dialogue and Interfaith Relations.


Columban Podcast - Building Bridges

May we all be builders of bridges between people of different cultures, languages, ethnicities, and religions. May we all be bridge-builders,…
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Youth PoWR: young adults in an interconnected world

Unfortunately, there are not many events that are focused on gathering young adults of different faith traditions. Too often at interfaith events,…
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My First Impression of The Sydney Statement

I still remember the fondness with which she told these stories. What stuck with me is that my mother claimed that by being open and understanding,…
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The Sydney Statement - A Lotus Flower

There has been this enquiry within me - a sense of curiosity and desire to engage – to advocate for a harmonious world that is multicultural…
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Pathways to Understanding in a Multicultural Society

My faith, actions such as The Sydney Statement and my work in SoR tell me there is no choice but to, “go and do likewise”. Today SoR is taught…
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