eBulletin - Vol 14 No. 11 - December 2021


eBulletin - Vol 14 No. 10 - Dec 2021 Merry Christmas


Christmas Message 2021 - Columban Fr Peter O'Neill

Columban Leader Australia, Fr Peter O'Neill shares his Christmas message to Columban benefactors, family and friends. He prays for all to be…
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The full story of Christmas

Even if we do remember what happened in Bethlehem, we have not necessarily absorbed the full story of Christmas. This is that God not only came…
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The joy of receiving a 2022 Columban Calendar

The joy that a calendar has brought to one person's life in China was probably not in the overall plan of a few Columbans as they sat down 100…
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Moving forward from COP 26, 2021 in Glasgow

As Christmas approaches, we prepare to celebrate anew that God is with us - Emmanuel. In the Gospel reading for the fourth week of Advent, we…
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2021 Columban Christmas Appeal

Many people will not have a merry Christmas this year. Reports from our Columban parishes in Fiji, Peru, Chile, Philippines and in Myanmar highlight…
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2022 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal to assist with our missionary work in many countries across our world where people suffer from war, hunger, and desperate living conditions.