eBulletin - Vol 15 No. 4 - April 2022





Do we listen to the cry of the earth with the same empathy as does our compassionate God? As we see the destruction of war and we feel so sad…
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Come down from your Cross, save yourself

Reflection - Holy Thursday Night and Good Friday 2022 As we witness the appalling shedding of blood in Ukraine, we remember as we approach Easter…
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Lest we remember…

Brother Eddie held the responsibility for the radio shack on the island. He rushed to report his sighting to the military authorities in Darwin…
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Risen Jesus is good news for outsiders

Columban missionaries share the “good news” of the risen Jesus with the outsiders of today - the poor, the hungry, the sick, and the lonely.…
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Friends form supportive communities in Wuhan

In China, as the country moves ahead with rapid economic development, people living on the margins of society can experience painful isolation.…
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2022 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

Support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal to contribute to our work amongst the poorer people in our neighbouring countries recovering from major…
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