eBulletin - Vol 15 No. 8 - September 2022




Columbans win 2022 ACPA Awards

The Australasian Catholic Press Association [ACPA] Awards recognise excellence in Catholic magazines, newspapers and digital publications across…
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Well-being and Mysticism

Mysticism has not always been viewed positively. Often it is associated with strange visions and strange behaviours. I prefer to think of mystics…
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Why Synodality?

Nevertheless, behind these percentages lies a remarkable phenomenon: namely, the dramatic shift in the geographical distribution of the Catholic…
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Mammoth monsoon misery in Pakistan

A tragedy was reported to us by a comrade, Dani Baksh, who lives in a neighbouring town, that 17 men were out fishing one morning recently in…
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Migrant and Refugee Sunday 2022

There are challenges to be met, yet also opportunities to be celebrated. “The presence of migrants and refugees represents a great challenge,…
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Food for Comfort

Comfort food is a phrase often used to describe fatty, sugary and salty foods that give immediate energy or psychological boast. Maria and John…
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A gentle strong shepherd of a rural flock

The closeness of these people to their shepherd was also expressed in their wishes to have a final photograph with him. In scenes that are unlikely…
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2022 Christmas Pack 4

1 Calendar & Subanen Christmas Cards & Columban Daily Prayer (Print) & Lord, Handle me with Care (Print) (Prices inc P & H and GST).
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