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The Southern Cross, a reminder of God’s five covenants

My admiration has kept growing for this unfolding plan of God to lead all people towards their full potential as living images of their Creator.…
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Lenten Art Recollection in South Korea

Through contemplative colouring, people were able to immerse themselves in the suffering and death of Christ and better relate to their own personal…
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China - New church built by community efforts

When the site for Sacred Heart Church was given to the Diocese of Hanyang two years ago, it brought to completion a set of discussions that had…
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Caesarea Philippi and the young armed Israelis

When we first got to Caesarea Philippi, the first sight we saw was a group of young Israelis seemingly having an enjoyable, relaxing day`s outing,…
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Lenten Resource 2023 - A Short History of Happiness: Lent to Easter

This resource offers individuals and groups a short introduction to happiness, through scriptural texts about creation, and the human journey.…
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Lord, handle me with care & Columban Daily Prayer Book - Print Versions

Lord, handle me with care & Columban Daily Prayer Book - Print Versions
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Support Columban Mission

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal to contribute to our work amongst the poorer people in our neighbouring countries recovering from major…
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