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Like a bridge over troubled water

The recent experience of these compatriots reminds me of what has marked the historical experience of Columban missionaries over the brief 100…
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Challenging yet rewarding life of a lay missionary

As I reflect on the past three years of my life as a Columban Lay Missionary assigned in the Philippines, I am overwhelmed by a flood of emotions.…
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The home of a missionary

I realised that I didn’t have the same feeling as when I first travelled in 2019 after my ordination to Chile, a sense of going overseas for…
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An unforeseen return to China from Rome

In recent years Sr. Sofia has faced the challenges of learning a new language, the adjustments needed to live in a different culture and then…
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Episode 3 - Listening and Sharing is the way to be Christian.

The story of the Road to Emmaus in Luke 24:13-35 offers a great lesson on the way of listening and sharing. This is reflected through many stories…
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Power of Prayer - General Prayers

This prayer book includes a mix of prayers, scriptures and reflections. You can use the QR code in the prayer book to watch, listen and reflect,…
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2023 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

Support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal so that we can maintain our migrant apostolates, our parishes, and other forms of ministry across the many…
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Building Hope

2024 Columban Mid-Year Appeal

Support the Columban Mid-Year Appeal, and together, we can expand our reach, deepen our impact, and empower more individuals and communities to thrive. We thank you for your unwavering dedication and belief in the power of humanity to make a difference.