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2023 Season of Creation School Competition Winner - Lower Secondary Category

In her video submission, Mariela offers a thoughtful reflection on the precious gift of life and taking responsibility for the care of God’s…
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The Mule´s Pass

Alto Hospicio is in the Atacama Desert and has a lot of space. People arrive, take a piece of ground, put up a shack of light material with some…
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Caught into healthcare in Pakistan

As the years moved on and especially since 2019, St Elizabeth has moved up and on and is now the leading Catholic healthcare institute in Pakistan.…
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World Day of the Poor

Columban missionaries recognize the challenge of worldwide and local poverty and stand in solidarity with communities in their struggle against…
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A return to China

Arriving back in Wuhan after 11 years, I knew life would be very different – so many changes would have taken place. One thing was for sure I…
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Pursuing Higher Education despite challenges

Kenneth is now in his second year of college, taking up a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at Misamis University, Ozamiz City, Philippines.…
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Episode 24 - Discerning God's will when faced with two good options

Jesus displays deep compassion by healing the sick and possessed, emphasising the importance of compassion as a guiding principle. He then faces…
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2023 Columban Christmas Appeal

Support the Columban Christmas Appeal, providing comfort to the lonely, hope to the despairing, and assistance to those facing challenging circumstances…
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