Warmi Huasi Marks 20 Years of Service to Peru’s Youth

Children at Warmi Huasi. Photo: Warmi Huasi

Children at Warmi Huasi. Photo: Warmi Huasi

Warmi Huasi, the NGO founded by Columban missionaries in Peru, has published its annual report highlighting its work for 2023 and marking 20 years of service to vulnerable Peruvian children and adolescents.

This project empowered communities North of Lima in the Districts of Carabayllo and San Martin de Porres and in Ayacucho (Province of Páucar del Sara Sara), helping them with protection rights, participation in healthy environments, education and looking after the health of children and adolescents.

In 2023, Peru was plunged into a severe political and social crisis. The country was still grappling with the economic and societal fallout of the pandemic when President Pedro Castillo's attempted self-coup failed, leading to the takeover of the government by Vice President Dina Boluarte. 

This instability had a direct impact on the cost of basic family necessities, creating a great deal of uncertainty about the country's ability to recover economically and manage national policy to improve the living conditions of its citizens.

In November 2022, Municipal Elections took place leading to the appointment of new officials in local governments. Consequently, a new mayor was elected in January 2023. Additionally, the Education sector experienced some changes between 2022 and 2023 with five ministers being appointed during that period. This resulted in the need to explain the project objectives and strategies afresh, as each minister introduced changes to staffing at all levels.

According to Columban missionary Fr Ed O’Connell, who continues to be involved in Warmi Huasi despite retiring to Britain last year, “2023 saw the Warmi Huasi team achieve outstanding results.”

Warmi Huasi celebrated 20 years of service to one of the most vulnerable sectors of Peruvian society, the children and adolescents at risk in the townships on the northern side of Lima and in the towns and villages of the Province of Paucar del Sara Sara up in the High Andes Department of Ayacucho, Peru.

After the pandemic years, the work is now at full pace again with children and adolescents, their parents, community leaders, municipal officials and authorities, as well as Government sectors such as Education, Health, Women and Vulnerable People, the Judiciary and Police all involved.


Warmi Huasi has gained ground in getting the public sector authorities to fulfil their statutory roles. As well, parents and community leaders are exercising their rightful roles as citizens, by accompanying the C&As in their activities and themselves holding the authorities to account.


All of this was possible because of the formation and accompaniment received by the children and adolescents from the Warmi Huasi team. This has enabled young people to develop their potential as individuals and as youth organisations.

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