Editorial - Is it that time already?

Holiness is a process, a continual movement towards God,” writes Philip Sheldrake, English theologian
and writer.

The two stories of Catholic communities in Lima are a good example of this quote. The first story by Fr Chris Baker describes a new Catholic community getting started on a barren hillside where the people are literally clearing their chapel space from the side of the Andean foothills so they can worship God there as a Christian community; they are ‘grounding’ God there in the community.

In the second story Fr John O’Connell reflects on handing over the parish of Sts Peter and Paul where he has resided since 1983. The Columbans know it is time to move on after 44 years, to let go, having built up the parish.

‘It’s time to go!’ comes God’s call. God invites us and we reply, ‘Is it that time already?’ Every change or movement involves a death, big or small, of some kind. But the scriptures explain to us that this is God’s idea of adventure for us, letting go, taking a new direction bringing us closer to the Mystery of God. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to think we were leaving a trail of holiness behind us by a full- hearted response?

Fr Gary Walker

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