The Far East - April 2017

The Far East Magazine is published 10 times a year by St Columbans Mission Society. It features articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from those countries where the missionaries work. The magazine was originally launched to promote mission interest in Catholic homes in Australia and New Zealand. The Far East Magazine is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries and was first published in Australia on 15th October, 1920.


From the Editor - New life in Christ at Easter

We hope you enjoy these stories from Columban Missionaries around the world who bring new life in Christ and find new life in Christ amongst…
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The story behind the photo of Rosi

Columban Fr Shay Cullen from the PREDA (People's Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance) Foundation tells of their work in rescuing…
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A different face of the Church

Joel brought the mission of Adelaide’s '12 Stars Boxing Club' to the Columban parish of San Matias, located in an impoverished area of Santiago.
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Reflection - An Easter Experience

The Easter season reminds us that from death comes life. An encounter with the Risen Christ can bring peace, forgiveness and reconciliation out…
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The fire brigade priest is dead

Preparing for the Columban Centenary 2018 - Padre Lino’s parishioners remember him.
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People were thirsty for God

A Missionary to the Peruvian Andes.
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My Chinese swan song

Columban Fr Warren Kinne writes of his return to Australia after nearly 20 years of mission in China
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Mission World - April 2017

Learn from indigenous peoples how to care for creation, says Pope Francis.
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From the Director - Easter is a success story

Easter teaches us to have hope, to be resilient, to live fully and most of all to have a pure heart.
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Cleaning up Fukushima

On March 11, 2011, at 2:46pm an earthquake registering nine on the richter scale damaged the nuclear plant at Fukushima and cut off the supply…
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Learning to be a parish priest

We priests believe firmly that we have a vocation, that is to say that we are called by the Lord.
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Fr Shay Cullen and PREDA Foundation to receive Shalom award

Columban Missionary, Fr Shay Cullen and the PREDA Foundation (People's Recovery, Empowerment and Development Assistance) in the Philippines have…
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