The Far East - June 2018

The Far East Magazine is published 10 times a year by St Columbans Mission Society. It features articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from those countries where the missionaries work. The magazine was originally launched to promote mission interest in Catholic homes in Australia and New Zealand. The Far East Magazine is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries and was first published in Australia on 15th October, 1920.


From the Editor

This issue is packed with good news stories of ‘ordinary people’ doing ‘extraordinary things'. These ‘ordinary people’ are those who have dedicated…
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The heat is on

As rising temperatures in Pakistan cause more deaths, an Irish Columban priest is at the forefront of efforts to protect the environment.
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Deport the sex tourists, not the missionaries

When serving the poor and protesting human rights violations becomes a crime and branded wrongly as political activity, then that is a black…
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Reflection - Mission in fragmentation

To be a Christian is to live dangerously, honestly, freely to step in the name of love as if you may land on nothing, yet to keep on stepping…
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Where are they now? Columban Centenary - Fr Peter Kelly

In 1985 he returned to Australia as Chaplain to the Korean Community in Sydney where he established a Korean Language School for migrant children…
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Your Columban story - Benefactors share with us...

Your stories are key to our past and our future. With your permission we would like to publish your Columban story in The Far East and on our…
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What a standard he set

Fr Gabriel was the first South Australian priest on mission in China, and there he spent all the years of his priestly life. He returned only…
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Working at eight years of age

From Korea, Columban Lay Missionary Sunhee (Sunny) Kim gives an insight into the deplorable working conditions of children in the Philippines.
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Gun thugs shoot Columban priest

"The Centre will play a vital role in building bridges in our community, bridges of understanding, inclusion and solidarity instead of walls…
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Mission World - June 2018

Columban Missionaries and South Korean church leaders welcomed the summit held at the truce village of Panmunjeom on the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).
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From the Director - A chance meeting over a meal

This month, on June 29, 2018 the Missionary Society of St Columban celebrates exactly 100 years since its canonical foundation and it all started…
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Mission in the mountains

Korean Columban Fr Young-In Kim has worked for eight years in the high Andean region of Peru. He is interviewed here by Columban Fr Alo Connaughton
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50th Anniversaries of ordination

This year four Australian Columbans are celebrating 50 years of missionary priesthood and five are celebrating 40 years.
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40th Anniversaries of ordination

This year four Australian Columbans are celebrating 50 years of missionary priesthood and five are celebrating 40 years.
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Tributes pour in for Columban Fr PJ McGlinchey

Fr PJ McGlinchey died on Monday April 23 in South Korea. He was 89 years of age.
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Your Columban Legacy

Leave a gift to Columban Missionaries in your Will.
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The Far East magazine is published by St Columbans Mission Society 10 times per year. It features mission articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from the countries where they work.

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