The Far East - August 2019

The Far East Magazine is published 10 times a year by St Columbans Mission Society. It features articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from those countries where the missionaries work. The magazine was originally launched to promote mission interest in Catholic homes in Australia and New Zealand. The Far East Magazine is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries and was first published in Australia on 15th October, 1920.


From the Editor

While this edition of The Far East magazine has not been published as a special vocations edition, a strong theme of vocations and commitment…
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I'm still Henry

But my lasting memories of that Mass, are when Henry said, “Nothing has really changed, I’m still Henry”, and the enormous congregation lining…
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A profound witness to the Columban motto

He held onto his academic discipline throughout his life, believing that excellence should be reflected in everything he did, including his preaching,…
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Reflection - Decluttering - Do your spiritual practices bring you joy?

Like anything, the spiritual life can become stale or predictable, and cease to bring the joy that Jesus came to give (John 10:10).
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Honouring God's creation

Immersed in the spiritual and cultural world of the Subanens and affirmed by the Church’s teachings, the Columban Sisters have worked for decades…
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Goodbye to a faithful Catechist

In spite of this calamity, Karolo’s faith never wavered and he continued serving his community faithfully over the years.
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Acts of friendship in unlikely places

Sr Roberta Ryan is a Columban Missionary in Pakistan. Living there has shown her how we can all make a difference in the lives of others.
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Mission World - August 2019

'Biogas priest' fires up. Fr Robertus Pelita is fuelling a renewable energy revolution among Catholics in Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province.
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From the Director - God made me do it

It makes us wonder – “Why does God need priests?” The answer is “We need priests to remind us that we are in God and God is in us.”
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A pigs head and tail

So I was quickly discovering that even though Korea had modernized to a large extent, many of the old loveable traditions and customs were surviving…
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Receiving and giving

The Catholic Centre of Academic Excellence began in 2006 in response to the huge barrier of discrimination against young Christians in Hyderabad…
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Giving away a daughter to mission

Hazel's parents prepared lunch in their house and her mother shared how she felt when Hazel had spoken to her about her last will and testament.
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Your Columban Legacy

Leave a gift to Columban Missionaries in your Will.
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Audio Playlist - The Far East - August 2019

Listen to all the articles in this edition of the Far East.
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The Far East magazine is published by St Columbans Mission Society 10 times per year. It features mission articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from the countries where they work.

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