A chance for a better life


Subanen Crafters can look optimistically at a future for their families thanks to the support of Columban benefactors. 

Subanen Crafters Photos: Missionary Society of St Columban

I am a Subanen crafter and as part of my on-going training I recently took a seminar in sustainable agriculture.

After the seminar I worked with my fellow crafters to design and plant a garden behind our workshop.

Every day we weed, water, and mulch our garden of veggies and herbs. At noon we cook and share food from our garden.

After lunch we continue our crafting. At present we are making Christmas cards.

This year we are crafting Christmas cards that honour the work of Joseph as he cares for Mary and Jesus.

Subanen Crafters Photos: Missionary Society of St ColumbanSubanen Crafters Photos: Missionary Society of St Columban

While other Subanen women my age have to work long hours as household helpers with no health care and very little money, I feel blessed to be a Subanen crafter. It is only because of the Columban Missionaries and their supporters that my fellow crafters and I have been given a chance for a better life.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and thank you for your support.

Subanen Crafters work in Mindanao in the Philippines. They have been crafters since 2001.

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