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Janette Mentha

In another life, I worked in the Liturgy Office of the Archdiocese of Melbourne where I learnt many new words. One of these words was 'Triduum'. Obviously, Tri, meaning three, partly explains the word but in the context of the Easter Triduum, it means so much more. The Easter Triduum memorialises the suffering, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Unlike the mad rush of Christmas which can distract us from the real meaning of this wonderful feast, the three days of the Triduum give us the time to share in the suffering of Jesus and to contemplate what this means for us. For this reason it is my favourite time of the liturgical year. 

In Fr Noel Connolly's reflection, his hope for himself and for us this Holy Week is that we will be moved to compassion as we contemplate Jesus on the cross, not just for Jesus, but also for ourselves, and that we will allow him to tell us that he loves us because we are good.

Columban Fr Trevor Trotter writes how 'The drama of Holy Week' can give us an insight into the drama of our own lives. 

Touching on major celebrations in the Church, Columban Fr John Boles, tells us about an archaeologist inviting him to celebrate Christmas Mass in a four thousand-year-old temple on the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

In response to the recent bushfires in Australia, in 'Does the land belong to us or do we belong to the land?', Columban Fr Jim Mulroney poses the question, 'What will drive change?' in terms of caring for our land.

From Columbans in Fiji and the Philippines we learn about people living in sub-human conditions after fires and cyclones razed their homes to the ground. The events have not only devastated communities physically, but for many, the psychological trauma is ongoing. As one Australian soldier who witnessed the devastation in Fiji said, 'this is worse than Iraq.'

Our Columban Society Leader, Fr Tim Mulroy, tells us what he learnt when driving his brother priest to Gamblers Anonymous meetings. 

Rights Groups in Myanmar campaign to end the violence after 20 children were injured when their school was hit by mortar shells. The National Director for Save the Children in Myanmar, said “It is not just our moral obligation to make sure children are safe and secure but a legal one too.”

Columban Fr Tom Rouse writes about a memorable occasion when a large crowd gathered to celebrate the commissioning of the first two Columban lay missionaries in Aotearoa – New Zealand. 

This week we learnt of the death of Columban, Sr Redempta Twomey, who was a major contributor to The Far East magazine. Known for her thought-provoking reflections and engaging personality, Redempta will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace. 

Suffering from a serious illness, Columban Fr Noel Connolly shares his experience of what he has learnt from being weak. A sensitive and honest account of his struggle.
Please pray for him.

Wishing you a safe and blessed Easter.

Janette Mentha singature

Janette Mentha

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