The Far East - September/October 2022

The Far East Magazine is published 8 times a year by St Columbans Mission Society. It features articles and photographs by Columban Missionaries from those countries where the missionaries work. The magazine was originally launched to promote mission interest in Catholic homes in Australia and New Zealand. The Far East Magazine is a major fundraiser for Columban Missionaries and was first published in Australia on 15th October, 1920.


From the Director - Laudato Si' and the Kingdom

The fact that Pope Francis had produced an encyclical called Laudato Si’ - On Care for our Common Home, obviously made such a stance unsurprising
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Theresa - companion for a hermit

She paid many children’s school fees. She bought hampers for poor families in the settlement before Christmas and Easter each year.
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The marvels of CREATION

The Season of Creation is a graced time in the Church, a celebration of our relationship with God our Creator and all creation.
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Reflection - Giving honour

It is my hope and prayer that the efforts and lives of these courageous people will not fade into oblivion but will spark a light in our troubled…
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Knowing victims of the coronavirus

Unfortunately, the reason was linked with the coronavirus outbreak and the struggles of the country to cope with its consequences.
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2022 School Competition Submission entries

This year St Columbans Mission Society invited primary and secondary school students to participate in our first Season of Creation competition.
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Christmas cards that celebrate kindness

We thank, most of all, our kind God who, through our habitat, provides us with food, water and shelter as well as the paper and pencils we use…
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The joy of accompanying young people in a parish context in Pakistan

My sense of contentment had to do with being a witness to God’s grace and love present and active in their lives and finding how best to support,…
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Mission Sunday - You shall be my witnesses (Acts 1:8)

Dear brothers and sisters, I continue to dream of a completely missionary Church, and a new era of missionary activity among Christian communities.
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St Therese of Lisieux

Although she could not go in person, she went in spirit through her thoughts and prayers and a special interest in foreign missions and missionaries.
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Ports of entry and departure

Reflecting on my visits to the docks in Iligan and having read Sam Selvon’s book, I have come to realise there are others like me experiencing…
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Memories of Korea

My life is enriched by the many people that crossed my path in Korea: other missionaries, the people in the different communities where I lived,…
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Gift in Will

Leave a gift to Columban Missionaries in your Will.
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Audio Playlist - The Far East - September/October 2022

Listen to all the articles in this edition of the Far East.
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