Academic Studies in Mission

Mission Studies is the more formal university accredited approach to learning about mission. Mission Studies or Missiology reflects on God’s mission of bringing about the Reign of God and articulates the contemporary challenge for all Christians.

Mission is God's work of bringing about the Reign of God. The Trinity are constantly creating, healing, reconciling, transforming and uniting the world through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Called by God to serve this mission, the Church is missionary by nature. Its task is to seek, uncover and proclaim God's presence and action in the world. God is especially active wherever people strive for justice, peace, freedom and reconciliation between peoples, religions and the environment. Missiology is the academic discipline that reflects on these various activities of God and articulates the contemporary challenge for the Christian Church.

Why study Mission?

Studying Missiology provides a better understanding of God's mission in the contemporary world, and a better appreciation of the Church's servant role in furthering that mission. Through exploring the various activities that make up contemporary mission and their relations with one another and with other academic disciplines, as well as with other areas of human endeavour, the student gains a better appreciation of the Church's much needed contribution to society and of his or her own personal role in that missionary effort.

Explore Mission Studies at the following two Institutes:

Catholic Institute of Sydney
Course units in Missiology are available through the Catholic Institute of Sydney (CIS). CIS a member of the Sydney College of Divinity.
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Broken Bay Institute
Course units in Mission Studies are also offered online at the Broken Bay Institute in partnership with the University of Newcastle.
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