Columban Mission Centre

Columban Mission Centre in Essendon, Victoria, Australia

Responding to the global mission and vision of the Missionary Society of St Columban, the Columban Mission Centre strives to find ways of linking the Columban constituency with global mission. The Centre provides administrative and communications support for the work of Columban Missionaries, as well, contributes resources relating to Columban missionary work and advocacy.

Columban Mission Centre is organised in two departments: Communications & Publications and Finance & Services.

Communications & Publications encompasses a number of work areas including Parish Appeals, Mission and Justice Education, The Far East Magazine, Columban Art Calendar, Communications and Marketing, Benefactor Support, Fundraising and Mission Appeals, and management of the Columban Partnership Program portfolio. 

Finance & Services provides the administrative and business support required to implement the programs of the Centre and fundraising activity.

The Columban Mission Centre is based in Essendon, Victoria, Australia.