Who are the Columbans?

Columbans are a missionary society of priests who work in cooperation with lay people and Columban Sisters in 16 countries from a standpoint of solidarity with the poor and integrity of creation. Formally founded in 1918, St Columbans Mission Society takes its name from St Columban, Ireland's sixth century missionary to Europe. Read more about us


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Pillars of Peace -The Abraham Conference 2018

The 2018 Abraham Conference was held at Western Sydney University, Parramatta on Sunday 5th August. The theme was “Pillars of Peace: Jews, Christians and Muslims Working Together”.

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The 2018 Columban Christmas Cards - The Fleeing to Bethlehem of Joseph & Mary

This year our cards recall how Joseph and Mary fled into the desert to escape Herod's soldiers. Like Mary and Joseph, we too have had to abandon our homes and farms and flee during times of armed conflict.

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Reflection - Needed:…

If I had a wish-list for the church today, it would include a request…  


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Lord, You are with us…

“Be not afraid! I am with you always. Yes, until the end of time.”  

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Art Guide - August 2018

The Assumption of the Virgin and the Saints Julian and Miniato (1449-50,…

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