Welcome to St Columbans Mission Society and Get to Know Our Catholic Organisation

The St Columbans Mission Society, also known as the Columbans, is a global Catholic organisation comprised of ordained and lay missionaries. Our mission is to bring the Gospel of Christ to all corners of the world, promoting justice and compassion. 


How did St Columbans Mission Society begin?

In 1918, two visionary Irish priests, Fathers Edward Galvin and John Blowick, established our Catholic organisation. Fr Galvin’s experiences as a missionary in China inspired him to address the challenges of spreading the Catholic faith in foreign lands. With the support of fellow priests and lay missionaries, they formed the St Columbans Mission Society, naming it after the renowned Irish missionary St Columban.

What sets St Columbans Mission Society apart?

As a Catholic organisation engaged in missionary work, we at St Columbans Mission Society actively engage in spreading the word of Jesus Christ through: 

  • Working with poor and exploited communities
  • Starting interfaith relations
  • Social justice actions
  • Developing faith communities in local churches
  • Respecting and caring for the environment

How can we contribute to the organisation?

At St Columbans Mission Society, we work with churches, organisations and individuals worldwide to spread the Word. Here are three ways you can contribute to our Catholic organisation:

  • Join the Columban life and accept the vocation to become a missionary in different communities all over the world.Browse our online catholic shop and purchase our Catholic-themed merchandise, educational materials, calendars and more. Any amount supports our mission to spread compassion and faith.
  • Donate to our cause to help us fulfil our mission and keep updated with our Catholic organisation by subscribing to us. 

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Policies and Guidelines

St Columbans Mission Society is committed to transparency and accountability. Access policies and guidelines that relate to the use of this website and our social media platforms below: