(left) Tanaka Kun, a Japanese homeless man, with Columban Fr Joeseph Broderick. Fr Joeseph has lived and worked in Japan as a missionary priest since 1969.

Pastoral evangelization is at the core of the Columban presence in Japan. To evangelize is to bring the "Good News" and to be pastoral is to care for others, especially the poor and the broken. For Columban Missionaries, pastoral evangelizing is conveying to those who need caring so that they are cared for with great dignity that can only come from God. Our mission in Japan takes place in parishes, through dialogue with people from other religions, culture and language and through caring for our environment.

Presently, there are 18 Columban Missionaries in the Region of Japan, 16 are priests and 2 are lay missionaries. These missionaries come from seven different countries including Australia, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, United States and Vietnam.

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