New Zealand

Lower Hutt, North Island, New Zealand (Image Source:, Adam Rosner, GNU Free Documentation License)

The major works of the Columbans in New Zealand include:

  • Mission Education
  • Vocations
  • Support of Overseas Missionaries
  • Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation (JPIC)

Columbans in New Zealand work to keep the vital aspects of ‘mission’ on the agenda of the home church and help to promote a true ‘mission’ spirit, whilst encouraging hope-filled responses.

Columban Missionaries aim to grow vibrant Catholic-Christian communities where they work, restoring dignity to the poor and marginalised, whilst enabling them to challenge the roots of poverty and social injustices that are impacting their lives. To date, 50 New Zealand Columban Missionaries have served in overseas missions.

Fr Thomas Rouse SSC is the Coordinator for Vocations, Mission and JPIC for New Zealand and is currently based in Lower Hutt, a city in the Wellington Region of the North Island of New Zealand.

Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation (JPIC) is faith in action and links the Gospel to living justly, respecting ecological systems and growing a culture of peace. JPIC invites us to work in communion within the Society and the wider world through partnerships with other faith-based and civil society groups.

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